Club History


Norwalk Karting Association located at Calf Pasure Beach in Norwalk Connecticut


The Norwalk Karting Association was founded by Robert Leblanc, Joe Ross and Bill Ely in 1971.  Back then the club fielded less than 12 Karts.  Today the club continues to have a very active membership and are averaging 45-50+ karts weekly.


The track is a road course just over a quarter mile in length.  The course is set within the parking lot of calf Pasture Beach.  Safety barriers, painted lines and cones outline the course.  Temporary safety fence outlines the perimeter of the parking area during the racing event to aid in safety and prevent unauthorized access. 


Spectators are welcome to watch racing events from outside the perimeter of the safety fence.  Anyone wishing to enter the pits or race must register at our sign in booth and receive a wrist band for insurance purposes.  Safety is our number one priority!


Kart drivers range in age from 5 years old on up.  Youth classes are arranged by age.  Depending on the age of the driver will determine the minimum weight, engine and size of restrictor plate used in the engine.  This allows for safety and skill development.  Senior classes have several other options to select from which generally involves the weight of the driver and the type of engine.  this information is covered in our rule book.


A driver's meeting is held prior to the start of each race day.  Our race format includes one round of practice followed by three heat races per class.  Points are tallied at the end of the day and the driver who accumulates the most points is the winner for that day.


The race season runs from March through May, and from September through mid November.  An awards banquet is held annually just after the winter holidays to honor our champions and special awards winners, as well as to honor all of our members for their participation and contributions to the club.


Many professional racecar drivers have had their careers start with here at Norwalk Karting Association.  SCCA Trans Am Champion and Indy series race winner Scott Sharp, Nascar Nationwide Series chanpion Randy Lajoie, Nascar Whelen tour champion Todd Szegedy, Nascar Whelen Tour race winner Ronnie Silk, and Nascar Sprint Cup driver Parker Kligerman all launched their driving careers here.  Many other drivers have launched their careers through karting, and it remains a vital stepping stone in a driver's development.


You do not have to have the desire of being a pro to enjoy the sport.  This is karting at it's best.  Competitive, Challenging, Enjoyable and Affordable.  A place where one can develop social, driving and mechanical skills in a fun, family environment.


New members are always welcome!





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